Trust the Midas Touch.



Good. Fast. Great Value. Houston, pick all 3!

Is the check engine light for oil changes glowing red on your dashboard? Is the windshield sticker from your last oil change so old you can’t read it? Whether you’re overdue for an oil change or just looking for someone who can change your oil and help maintain the rest of your car too, Midas Houston is the right place for you.

We offer great oil service values and will have you in and out of our Houston shop before you know it. Ask for an oil change and a trained Midas technician will select the correct viscosity grade oil for your vehicle and perform oil and filter service. If you like, we’ll also perform a Midas Touch™® Courtesy Check, which includes a visual check of your engine air filter, brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, and coolant/antifreeze, and show you the manufacturer’s recommendations* for replacing these vital fluids and filters.

*Subject to availability

For fast, reliable oil change service, give us a call or come visit us today.